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Q1. How much does shredding cost?
A. Price varies on quantity to be collected[the more boxes or sacks you have, the unit price gets cheaper.As an example,we can collect up to 10 boxes or sacks for £50 additional items@ £3 each.

Q2. Do I need to remove staples,paper clips etc?
A. No, there is a magnet in the shredder which collects metal contaminants- lever arch files can be shredded whole!

Q3. Why do I need to have documents shredded?
A. To comply with the data protection act 1998 and to avoid fraudulent use of your or your clients information and for peace of mind.

Q4. What happens to the shredded paper?
A. After shredding, the paper is baled and sent for reprocessing usually for paper towels, toilet paper etc.

Q5. Why do I need to properly dispose of electrical goods?
A. Because of the WEEE regulations . The Waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations were implemented to reduce the amount of such equipment in landfill. Look under services on this website for further information.

For a free quotation,or more information, phone David Lister on 01277 812116 or use our contact page.

Containers/ Sacks / Bins
Recycling BinsThese are available in a range of sizes,types and colours.
Up to 10 sacks or boxes for £50
For Chamber of Commerce members up to 10 sacks or boxes for £45